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JCDC began in October 1978 when a small group of interested citizens recognized the need to address the vocational challenges faced by individuals with disabilities in Jackson County, West Virginia. The following year in September 1979 Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Secretary of State, and thus JCDC was officially organized and recognized as a not-for-profit mission-based business.

JCDC began operations on a two-day-per-week basis for six individuals in donated space in a local church. Later JCDC moved into rented space in downtown Ravenswood.

In 1982 JCDC was granted accreditation by the WV Division of Rehabilitation Services. This action allowed JCDC to offer vocational services.

In 1984 JCDC purchased a building in Ravenswood. Unfortunately the cost of renovations, coupled with an insufficient amount of work and supportive funding placed JCDC’s future in jeopardy.

Then in 1985 JCDC found more suitable space at 110 Royal Street in Ravenswood. JCDC would be in this space for seven years.

In 1987 JCDC began to produce wiping cloths and obtained the contract to furnish the State of West Virginia with wiping cloth products. JCDC has continued to hold the state-wide contact for wipers during the intervening years and this project has provided a stable and steady level of work and business.

In 1988 JCDC obtained the state-wide contract for Data Entry. This particular contract would rise and fall with various projects through the years. Both of these contracts have been retained by JCDC through the State Use Program, which allows the State contract to be awarded for long periods of time to qualified non-profit organizations that employ individuals with disabilities.

In 1992 JCDC relocated to its current facility in the Maritime Industrial Centre in Millwood. In 2002 the building was expanded to its current size.

Currently JCDC has significant projects that employ individuals with disabilities in the recycling business, the manufacture of wiping cloths, several data management projects and a telephone contact center.  It has expanded its vocational services that help adults with special needs learn about the world of work and how to get a job.  This includes having opened branch offices in Spencer. Pt. Pleasant, and Parkersburg.  Today JCDC serves adults with special needs in Jackson, Mason, Roane, Calhoun, Wirt, and Wood Counties in West Virginia.

In June 2010 JCDC began to offer a full range of services through the Medicaid Waiver Program, having received its Behavorial Health License in March 2010. Services are provided through its offices in Millwood, Point Pleasant and Parkersburg.

JCDC has a special focus on helping individuals with developmental disabilities create self-employment as a vocational option.

JCDC has received grants from the WV Developmental Disabilities Council and the WV Division of Rehabilitation Services.